What’s the difference between red and green Thai curry?

What’s the difference between red and green Thai curry?

The simple (and rather obvious) answer is, one is red, the other is green. But seriously, if you ever tasted...

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Move over ploughman’s: 4 delicious ways to use leftover pickle

You wanted to really treat yourself – bought yourself some gorgeous extra mature cheddar, some of that fancy crusty bread...

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Britain’s Best Sandwich!

The annual Sandwich & Food to Go Designer of the Year competition has announced its 2024 winner. The competition celebrates...

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Gifts for the Dad Who Loves to Eat: A Foodie’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

To bring a big smile to your Dad’s face, nothing quite hits the spot like the unforgettable taste of Cottage...

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What is piccalilli?

Piccalilli is one of those magical condiments that, once experienced, can so easily establish themselves as an indispensable must-have accompaniment...

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Bored of curry? 5 new ways to use up mango chutney.

You know how it is. You buy a nice big jar of mango chutney to serve with your curry, then...

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Teacher Gift Guide 2024: The best food gifts for teachers

Say thank you with our teacher gift guide As we get ever closer to the end of the school year,...

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Perfecting a ploughman’s sandwich

The romantic idea of the ploughman’s sandwich is probably as a filling mid-day meal, lovingly prepared by a rosy-cheeked ploughman’s...

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Hot stuff! Our guide to some of the most popular varieties of mustard.

Mustard has been the hot partner of choice for adding zing to countless dishes ever since early Roman cooks first...

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Where to find local retailers who stock Cottage Delight

The dedicated fans of Cottage Delight will be no strangers to our website, or to the farm shops and garden...

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Curb the Christmas dinner chaos with our time-saving tips

As if Christmas wasn’t stressful enough, having to prepare a whole meal can be a struggle when you’re cooking for...

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What is horseradish?

various festive dishes and sauces

How could anything offer a more perfect accompaniment to a succulent joint of roast beef than a generous helping of...

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Christmas 2023 Essentials from Cottage Delight

A plump turkey, a fine joint of beef or a succulent leg of lamb? For many of us these make...

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9 farm shops that are well worth the trip

There’s something quintessentially British about farm shops and it’s safe to say that as a nation we love nothing more...

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A history of butter fudge

Ahhh, fudge! It’s probably true that fudge became ‘one of the best mistakes in the history of confectionary’ after someone...

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Ready steady bake! 10 tips for showstopping bakes

So, you’re a budding baker and a fan of the Great British Bake Off, and you fancy your chances at...

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What is Burger Sauce?

Classic gourmet burger sauce and burger

Imagine the perfect burger… Lovingly made with prime beef, sizzling and juicy, fresh off the barbeque and just oozing flavour....

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What is the Scoville Scale?

How hot do you like your sauces? You probably know that it’s the peppers in your sauce that make it...

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3 super simple ways to make your homemade pizza even better.

Smoking Chilli Chicken Pizza

Everybody loves pizza! And now summer’s here, you might fancy making your own delicious pizza creations. What could be more...

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What is BBQ sauce?

Mini Burgers

There’s nothing that beats a barbecue than when the sun’s shining and you’re entertaining family and friends. But a BBQ...

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5 new ways to use lemon curd

If you’re a fan of tangy and sweet flavours, then you’re probably already familiar with lemon curd. This creamy and...

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The difference between clotted cream and crème fraîche

Generously spread on scones

Are clotted cream and crème fraîche the same thing? It’s a question that many people have probably pondered over a...

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How to make afternoon tea fit for a King

A few simply sensational ideas to make your very own Coronation celebration afternoon tea at home a truly royal experience....

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What is mint sauce?

It’s the perfect accompaniment to succulent roast lamb, which for many of us, just wouldn’t be the same without the...

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3 hot cross bun toppings you’ll love this Easter

Hot cross bun, anyone? Yes please. Who can resist the wonderfully spiced, fresh-baked aroma of hot cross buns? Definitely not...

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 7 gifts to share with the foodie in your life

Classic Orange Thin Cut Marmalade Original Strawberry Jam Caramelised Onion Chutney Our Classsic Lemon Curd Classic Cheese Makers Pickle

If you’re looking for something extra special to go with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a nice card, we’ve...

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Are you sweet or savoury? 5 super tasty toppings to try this Pancake Day

Morello cherry jam pancakes

On the sweet side, dedicated pancake lovers go from traditional lemon juice and sugar drenched pancakes, all the way to...

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Our Favourite Jam Cocktail Recipes

Jamtini Cocktail

One of the easiest ways to add a boost of fruity flavour to your next cocktail is to use a...

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Tips for baking the perfect scones

Making homemade scones is one of the quickest and easiest bakes you can master at home with a little practice....

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How to make a cheese board

Impress your party guests and create the ultimate show stopping cheeseboard with our step by step guide!  Cheese platters are...

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What is chutney?

We’re a pickle loving nation. A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without a dollop of chutney on top, a jar...

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What is clotted cream?

Sandwich between sponges with cream

It’s thick, it’s creamy, and it’s absolutely dreamy on scones warm from the oven. Clotted cream, jam and scones have...

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What is couscous?

Moroccan Spiced Couscous Burrito

This versatile food is ideal as a blank canvas for lots of bold flavours, from one-pot meal solutions to fresh...

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What is hoisin sauce?

Hoisin sauce is most often found in Chinese cuisines and it’s always a staple condiment on every table in Chinese...

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What is sriracha?

Roasted Salmon with Chilli Jam

Ever had that burning sensation to learn more about this popular sauce? Sriracha is a long standing staple ingredient when...

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Best summer recipes for a hot day

Baked BBQ Salmon

Make the most of a British summer with our delicious summery recipes. From light summer salads to meaty burgers, we’ve...

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What is curd?

Rhubarb Curd Dessert Pots

Ever wanted to know more about this bold and fruity cupboard staple? We’re all used to spreading it on our...

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Difference between jam and marmalade

Bake into crumble

Our morning toast wouldn’t be the same without a slather of jam on top. And what would Paddington Bear’s sandwich...

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How to make Katsu Curry

Katsu Curry Bowl

Katsu curry is super-delicious and is one of Japan’s most popular dishes. Discover the rise of this popular dish, what...

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What is Satay Sauce?

Marinate and dip

Make yourself Satay savvy in 3 minutes! This deliciously versatile sauce is salty but sweet, bringing a bright flavour to...

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What is pâté?

Duck & french brandy pate

An essential requirement to any cheese board, a delicious accompaniment to cheese and crackers or a perfect dinner starter. Pâté...

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