Our Partnership with Feeding Britain

Money Raised So Far

We are delighted to announce that in 2023 our total donation was £2,208! We’d like to thank each and everyone of our customers for purchasing the Cooking With Cottage Delight range.

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A hunger free UK

Feeding Britain is an award-winning charity working with more than 500 partners – ranging from food banks and local community food organisations, to politicians and businesses – with the single purpose of a hunger-free UK.

Cottage Delight will be donating a percentage from the sales of the ‘Cooking With Cottage’ range of products to the Feeding Britain charity for projects in England Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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Cooking With Cottage Delight

Rebranded in 2023, Cooking with Cottage Delight is all about the passion we share for excellent flavours and uncompromised quality, with time-saving methods. We have unified a range of our products which are designed to create restaurant-quality favourites at home. We have built the range with popular flavours from cuisines around the world, to provide a wide variety of flavours and meal options – from classic British stews to exotic curries.

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