Sustainability at Cottage Delight

Our Packaging Glass Jars

It’s not only our products which receive love and care, we source green packaging with low or no impact to protect our environment.

  • Our glass is 100% infinitely recyclable with no loss in strength or quality. Closed loop recycling means that a recycled glass container becomes a new glass container, without waste. Beatson Clark – who supply our glass – use regenerative furnaces which recycle waste heat, cutting the amount of energy needed by around 15%
  • Our metal lids are 100% recyclable.
  • Each jar features a recycled paper ‘mop top‘ over the lid. These are printed FSC Certified to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. Look out for the FSC tick logo on other product packaging within our range! We use UV inks which are all low migration meaning they are also totally food safe.
  • Our front labels are made from recycled plastics.

Our Waste Disposal Peak Waste Recycling

We have worked in partnership with Peak Waste Recycling for over 25 years. On site we have 3 compactors collecting all waste from across the business, this consists of general, cardboard and mixed plastics compactors. The cardboard and mixed plastics are 100% recyclable, our general waste is used as Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF). RDF are used in a wide range of specialised waste to energy facilities. RDF is consistent with the UK Government policies including developing more secure low-carbon sources of energy.

This general waste passes through a picking line where recyclable material is removed, it is then shredded, trommelled to remove the smaller fractions. It then passes through a second picking line and a magnet. Finally, the waste is baled and loaded onto vehicles to be transported to The Netherlands.

The baled waste is received by a Waste to Energy Plant, the gas that is generated during the incineration process is used to power turbines that generate electricity.

Waste to Energy Plant: AFVAL ENERGIE, Bedrijf, (A.E.B) Amsterdam.

A.E.B is the worlds biggest Waste to Energy plant, they are R1 rated which means that they must recycle 98-100% of what they receive.

Why we use Waste to Energy:

  • Negates the need for Landfill.
  • No more methane gas.
  • Full recycling.
  • Landfill is the most polluting problem in the world.

All loads move under Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (TFS), loads can only move under this system if they are to be recycled. All waste leaving the yard on this system has 100% traceability.

Closed loop recycling means that our recycled glass jars can become new glass in the future, without waste.

From January 2021 to the end of September 2022 we have recycled:

  • 55,240kg of paper/cardboard
  • 23,680kg of plastics
  • 3,240kg of metal

In addition, we have achieved 0% to landfill

Shrinkwrap Minimising plastic

Shrinkwrap is a transparent plastic film used to secure products. We currently use shrinkwrap to protect and contain all of our products during their delivery process to retail stores. However, in our efforts to become more environmentally friendly, we aim to have removed all shrinkwrap from our packaging by the end of 2023.

Starting with our 4oz jars, we have re-designed the trays that our jars travel in – previously with shrinkwrap – to include a flap closure that is sealed with a single sticker. This keeps the jars secure, and removes the need for shrinkwrap.

We have the same plan for other items in our range.

Keep your eyes peeled for improved packaging across our mail order boxes.

Biodegradable Bubble Wrap Minimising plastic

Standard Bubble Wrap takes hundreds of years to degrade. Our biodegradable Bubble Wrap can be reused several times as they are tear and puncture resistant to reduce damage and have a non-slip surface, preventing goods from moving in transit and only takes twenty-four months to start degrading.

  • Oxo-biodegradable
  • Degradation begins after 24 months
  • Innovative and environmentally friendly protective packaging

All website orders will be filled with this bubble wrap to reduce our use of plastic.

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