How to recycle your order

How to recycle our Glass Jars

It’s not only our products which receive love and care, we source green packaging with low or no impact to protect our environment.

  • Our new jars are 100% recyclable with no loss in strength or quality.
  • Simply wash them out and pop in your recycling bin.

Sustainable Statistics

Cottage Delight’s new look marks a renewed commitment to a sustainable future.

  1. We have removed over 22 tonnes of paper and packaging from our processes annually.
  2. 30% decrease in virgin plastics usage.
  3. Before, 4.8 tonnes of rubber bands were going to landfill. Now, the entire product is 100% recyclable.

How To Recycle Website Order Boxes

In 2023 we transitioned to biodegradable Bubble Wrap which can be reused several times as they are tear and puncture resistant to reduce damage and have a non-slip surface, preventing goods from moving in transit. It only takes twenty-four months to start degrading and can be added to your normal recycling bin at home. 

Our new cardboard boxes are easy to open, FSC certified and fully recyclable.

All website order cardboard boxes and biodegradable bubble wrap can be recycled as normal.

How To Recycle Our Other Products

Please contact [email protected] for specific information on recycling our products not listed above.

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