Move over ploughman’s: 4 delicious ways to use leftover pickle
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Move over ploughman’s: 4 delicious ways to use leftover pickle

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You wanted to really treat yourself – bought yourself some gorgeous extra mature cheddar, some of that fancy crusty bread that you only get once in a blue moon, a nice bit of ham, a few lovely crisp apples and, of course, your favourite pickle. And then you had the best ploughman’s you’ve had in ages! But now you have a lot more pickle left than anything else. Don’t worry, happens to the best of us.

In fact, since we have quite a few different pickle options ourselves, we know how having too much left over can really leave you in something of a… well, you know. Which is why we’ve rustled up a few recipes that will help you use up that last bit of pickle before you buy your next jar!

What is pickle?

In the UK, ‘pickle’ is more likely to refer to a series of different vinegary, relish-style condiments than anything more traditionally ‘pickled’. It’s usually made up of different fruits and veg preserved in vinegar or brine.

Pickles can run sweet, spicy, savoury or all of the above. All varieties of pickle make a great addition to a meal, but people do tend to have their favourites for different circumstances.

Types of pickle

Like we said, there are a lot of different kinds of pickle and the way they taste can be pretty varied. From the sweetness of a pickle you might pair with cheese to something a bit more savoury like a piccalilli, there’s a pickle to suit almost anything. Here are a few of our favourites:

Lime pickle

Lime pickle is a salty, sour pickle made with Indian spices and juicy limes – we love its aromatic and sweet citrus kick!

Indian pickle

There are different Indian pickles (like the lime pickle we just talked about), but one of our favourites is the Indian Hot Chilli pickle.

Garlic pickle

Garlic pickle is a popular spicy pickle made by combining fresh garlic with mustard seeds and delicious spices. Ours come in sweet and spiced.


Piccalilli is a British favourite and is also called a mustard pickle and is an interpretation of Indian pickles. And it usually has vegetables like: cauliflower, onion, shallot, runner bean, carrot, courgette and gherkin.

How to use up the rest of your pickle jar

While we all know pickle is an amazing accompaniment, sometimes it can be a little tricky to really make the most out of a full jar. Especially if you’re waiting for a special occasion to crack it out. So, when you’ve got more pickle than you know what to do with, we’ve got you covered with a little inspiration!

Ready for recipes? Take a look at these tasty ways to level up your leftover pickle:

1. Cheddar piccalilli puffs

Our cheddar piccalilli puffs are a great way to use you Chilli-lilli pickle or your Classic Piccalilli. Full of flavour and easy to make, these puffs are a real crowd pleaser! Perfect for impressing guests without all the effort.

2. Grilled cheese pickle sandwich

Ooey, gooey and comforting, this grilled cheese pickle sandwich is the perfect bite for a cosy day in. Ready in 10 minutes, this recipe couldn’t be easier (or tastier).

3. Piccalilli & bacon macaroni cheese

Bring some heat to a home cook staple with this piccalilli & bacon macaroni cheese! The fiery chillies and dijon mustard in our Chilli-lilli pickle add a whole new dimension to this classic dish.

4. Spicy king prawn tacos

Ready for your new favourite midweek meal? These spicy king prawn tacos are a sure-fire way to set anyone’s taste buds alight! Fresh, hot and simple, we know you’ll love them.

Don’t have any pickle but want to try these recipes? Have a look at what we’ve got in the shop.

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