Cheddar & Piccalilli Puffs


Prep time
10 Minutes
Cooking time
12 minutes
1 Jar Chunky Chilli-lilli Pickle
1 egg (for egg wash)
1 roll of premade puff pastry
250g Mature Cheddar Cheese (grated)

Cooking Method

  1. Roll our your pastry and cut down the middle horizontally and vertically into four rectangles.

  2. Then, cut a diagonal line across each rectangle to make eight triangles.

  3. Add desired amount of piccalilli and cheddar to the centre of four of the triangles. Egg wash edges of those and then layer on top the remaining triangle pastry pieces.

  4. With a fork, press down on all edges to seal the puffs.

  5. Place on baking tray and oven for 15 minutes on 200 or until golden and cooked.

  6. Enjoy!

Don’t have chunky chilli-lilli pickle?

If you don’t have any of the key Cottage Delight ingredients but love the recipe, perhaps you have one of these tasty alternatives in your kitchen cupboards instead?

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