Gifts for the Dad Who Loves to Eat: A Foodie’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024
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Gifts for the Dad Who Loves to Eat: A Foodie’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

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To bring a big smile to your Dad’s face, nothing quite hits the spot like the unforgettable taste of Cottage Delight’s delicious treats. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of our very best flavour sensations that are sure to make your Dad dance with delight this Father’s Day.

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1. Our super sizzling Steak & Wings selection.

This gift pack of deliciously spicy summer sauces will grant him the magic touch with steak, wings, and so many other things, whether he’s showing off his barbecue skills or believes he’s king of the kitchen.

He’ll have the power to give juicy burgers a herby hit, add smoky depth to sausages or aromatic flavour to hot dogs.

Our Steak & Wings set contains:

  • Peppered Steak Sauce
  • Sticky Rib & Wing Sauce
  • Tomato, Garlic & Ginger Chutney
  • Sweet Chilli Jam

2. Our eye-watering Smokin’ Hot Sauces.

For the daring Dad’s out there, challenge them to take up the ultimate chilli challenge with this trio of stinging hot sauces, each bursting with its own distinctively fiery flavour.

Our Smokin’ Hot Sauces gift pack includes:

  • Kickin’ Carolina Reaper Sauce
  • Stingin’ Scorpion Chilli Sauce
  • Flamin’ Naga Chilli Sauce

Guaranteed to turn up the heat, they’re created using three of the hottest chillies on the Scoville Scale – Scorpion, Naga and Carolina Reaper. Ouch!

3. Our Passion for Pizza drizzles and glazes.

If your Dad has a passion for pizza then this is the gift pack for him! This selection of three dazzling drizzles and glazes is an irresistible way to add some lip-smacking perfection to his favourite pizzas.

Our Passion for Pizza gift pack includes:

  • Garlic Balsamic Pizza Glaze
  • Roast Garlic & Red Pepper Glaze
  • Basil Pesto Pizza Drizzle

Our Garlic Balsamic Pizza Glaze is aromatic, sticky and sweet – so good with goat’s cheese and caramelised onion topped pizzas.

Our Roast Garlic & Red Pepper Pizza Glaze is a versatile way to add extra pizzazz to your pizza.

And our Basil Pesto Pizza Drizzle adds a wonderful herby hit to your favourite meat topped pizzas.

Make our delicious Steakhouse Pizza recipe for the perfect excuse to try them out.

4. Our essential Barbecue Legends gift pack.

Kit your Dad out with three absolutely must-have BBQ essentials, ready for the summer months with our Barbecue Legends gift pack.

He might even repay you by coming round to show off his grilling skills!

Our Barbecue Legends gift pack contains:

  • Gourmet Burger Sauce
  • Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce
  • Gourmet Hot Dog Sauce

Even if he’s not a natural ‘king of the grill’, the sensational combinations of flavours captured in our Gourmet Burger Sauce, our Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce, and our Gourmet Hot Dog Sauce, will guarantee a sizzling outdoor feast the whole family can enjoy.

5. Our Cheers to Dad Beer Gift Set.

For the beer loving Dad’s our classic craft ales, brewed with pride (and lots of good old-fashioned know-how) in the Staffordshire Moorlands is the perfect gift! Our Cheers to Dad gift set is the ideal gift to raise a toast to Dad this Father’s Day. Including:

  • Sporty Dad. Score with this dad’s day gift of mouth-watering light golden hoppy ale.
  • Outdoor Dad. This robust hoppy beer with a citrusy finish will definitely grow on him.
  • DIY Dad. This rich and malty ruby ale will really hit the nail on the head.
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If these don’t tickle your fancy for Father’s Day, don’t worry! We have a wide variety of delicious options that are sure to please his taste buds. Our range includes chunky chutneys, sensational sauces, perfect pickles, and a mouth watering selection of ales.

If you’re feeling creative, surprise your dad by making something homemade using our sensational showstopping recipes like our Peppered Steak & Onion Sandwich or our Beer Battered Onion Rings.

Happy Father’s Day!


Find your Dad the perfect gift this Father’s Day

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