3 hot cross bun toppings you’ll love this Easter
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3 hot cross bun toppings you’ll love this Easter

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Hot cross bun, anyone? Yes please. Who can resist the wonderfully spiced, fresh-baked aroma of hot cross buns? Definitely not us dedicated foodies at Cottage Delight!

The very first hot cross buns were created by a 12th century Anglican monk who marked his buns with a cross to commemorate Good Friday.

900 years later these simple but yummy confections of flour, currants or raisins and spices have become a much-loved symbol of Easter in a number of countries around the world.

Having digested that snippet of hot cross bun history, before you go rushing off to tuck into a few of these traditional Easter favourites served up with nothing more adventurous than a helping of plain old butter, allow us to tempt your taste buds with something new to try on your hot cross buns!

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1. Strawberries and cream hot cross bun

Strawberries and cream? On a humble hot cross bun? A tad decadent, definitely, but please note this is no ordinary fruit and cream topping. ‘Ordinary’ is not the way we do things at Cottage Delight.

What makes this particular topping so tremendous is the marriage of our very own extra fruity Original Strawberry Whole Fruit Jam, and our own Smooth, rich and deliciously creamy Classic Clotted Cream

Simply spread your heated hot cross bun with a generous top layer of our plump and juicy whole strawberry Jam. Next add a generous spoonful of our Clotted Cream for the crowning glory. What better way to show your hot cross bun you mean business!

If you’re feeling really indulgent, why not take things one step further and make our delightfully fresh twist on the traditional hot cross bun? Our Strawberries & Cream Hot Cross Bun recipe is perfect for sharing with friends this Easter. Baked with dried strawberries and white chocolate, they’re very hard to resist!

2. Melted cheese and pickle hot cross bun

Just imagine this: a hot cross bun, cut in half horizontally, with a generous wedge of your favourite cheese on each half, bubbling away under a grill. Delicious!

As if that isn’t irresistible enough, now comes the magic touch with our famous Classic Cheese Maker’s Pickle.

Think fruity berries, rhubarb and plums, crunchy carrots and onions, all together in a finely textured pickle sensation. Spread generously on both halves and enjoy!

3. Rhubarb & custard hot cross bun

Rhubarb & custard is a fresh topping idea to turn your simple hot cross buns into a whole new Easter taste experience that could easily become a new found favourite.

The star of this topping is our Tart Rhubarb Curd & custard, an all-butter rhubarb curd that’s just bursting with so much flavour, we simply had to call it the queen of tarts.

Toast first and pair with a warm and rich custard for a truly nostalgic experience.

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At Cottage Delight we love the hot cross bun tradition as much as anyone. But once you’ve tried these taste-tastic toppings, you might just decide it’s time to add a bit more excitement to your traditional hot cross bun.

Fancy a feast this Easter? Check out our Easter recipes to find seasonal show shoppers to enjoy throughout the Bank Holiday (and beyond)!


If you don’t have any of the key Cottage Delight ingredients but love the recipe, perhaps you have one of these tasty alternatives in your kitchen cupboards instead?

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