What is Satay Sauce?
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What is Satay Sauce?

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Make yourself Satay savvy in 3 minutes! This deliciously versatile sauce is salty but sweet, bringing a bright flavour to many dishes. An experience worth satay-ing for!

What is Satay Sauce?

Satay sauce, also known as Peanut Sauce, Bumbu Kacang or Sambal Kacang is an Indonesian sauce made from ground roasted or fried peanuts, widely used in cuisines worldwide.

The prominent ingredient of a satay sauce is peanuts, alongside soy sauce, salt, garlic, coconut, chilli, onion and lemon are added for a fragrant taste.

Delicious meat skewers called Satay and its popular peanut sauce are well known in most cities around the world. The earliest preparations of the dish satay are believed to have originated in Japanese cuisine. Satay is known to have been invented by street vendors on the Indonesian island of Java, inspired initially by the Indian kebab. During the early 19th century there was an influx of traders and immigrants in Indonesia due to nutmeg and cloves, which were in high demand and availability during that period. With the culinary creativity of the Java street vendors, the dish gained its own distinct identity and popularity with new followers.

Marinate and dip

How to make satay sauce?

Use this sauce in many different ways; first as a delicious marinade. Second, as a flavour-packed dipping sauce. Or finally as the main ingredient for a satay dish. A quick and easy sauce recipe ready in under 10 minutes. 

Prep: 5 mins Cook: 10 mins Serves: 4


  • ½ lime, juiced
  • 150ml canned coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp clear honey
  • 1 tbsp curry powder
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 3 tbsp smooth peanut butter


In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients and stir together. Add a splash of water if the mixture is too stiff.

Transfer to a pan and gently heat for 5 minutes. Stir continually. Serve with chicken skewers or use as a dipping sauce and enjoy!

If you are time pressured simply purchase our Peanut Satay Sauce which has a real homemade taste!

What to eat satay sauce with?

Skewers are a real summer barbecue hit, perfect for a filling family dinner. Don’t be limited by traditional chicken skewers, why not try beef, steak, vegetable, duck, lamb or fish? All of these will be elevated with a Peanut Satay Sauce marinade or dip.

Need some inspiration, why not try our Spiced Lamb Skewers, Grilled Sardine Skewers, or our Thai Sweet Seafood Skewers, all of which are delicious with a Peanut Satay Sauce dip!

Common questions about satay sauce

  1. What is satay sauce made of? The prominent ingredient of a Satay Sauce is peanuts, alongside soy sauce, salt, garlic, coconut, chilli, onion and lemon are added for a fragrant taste. 
  2. Is satay sauce the same as peanut sauce? Yes, Satay sauce can also be known as Peanut Sauce, Bumbu Kacang or Sambal Kacang.
  3. What does a satay taste like? A salty-sweet flavour predominantly from the peanuts.
  4. What can I substitute for satay sauce? For soy-free satay sauce, you can swap in coconut aminos. This substitute is a little sweeter and less salty. Alternatively why not try our Katsu Curry Paste for a gently spiced and creamy Japanese-inspired curry paste. Or our Chinese Hoisin Sauce, delicious in stir-fries. 
  5. Is satay flavour spicy? Peanut Satay Sauce can be described as mild heat, it does contain chilli so it does have a kick, however it is not as spicy as other hot sauces such as Kickin’ Carolina Reaper Sauce.
  6. Does satay sauce have nuts in it? Yes, our Peanut Satay Sauce contains peanuts.
  7. Is satay sauce vegan? Our Peanut Satay Sauce is not suitable for vegans.

Our Peanut satay sauce

Cottage Delight Peanut Satay Sauce is an authentic recipe, delicious and rich. Lovingly made in small batches and tended by hand, we take our time to prepare this sauce. Packed with delicious peanuts, our satay sauce is also blended with the finest coconut, coriander, garlic and secret spices for the ultimate syrupy and salty-sweet flavour that satay lovers will go totally nutty for.

Use our sauce in many different ways. First as a delicious marinade. Second, as a flavour-packed dipping sauce. Or finally as a great addition to an Asian-inspired sauce.

Perfect for using on chicken, serving with homemade kebabs and in a veggie-packed stir fry.

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