Tangy Orange Marmalade Cake


Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
1 hour
Serves 8
Bake Classic Orange Marmalade into your cake for a deliciously sweet and moist texture. Delicious and zesty!
3 tbsp Classic Breakfast Thick Cut Marmalade
150g pot natural yogurt 3 eggs
175g golden caster sugar 200g self-raising flour
½tsp baking powder 175g butter, softened Zest 1 orange
2 tsp poppy seeds, toasted
For the sticky topping:
Juice ½ orange
5 tbsp Classic Breakfast Thick Cut Marmalade

Cooking Method

  1. Heat oven to 160°C/fan 140°C/gas 3. Butter a deep, medium-sized loaf tin, then line the base with non-stick baking paper. Put 3 tbsp of the Classic Breakfast Thick Cut Marmalade into a small pan, heat gently until melted. Beat in the yogurt, allow to cool for a few minutes.

  2. Add the remaining cake ingredients to a large bowl and beat until smooth. Quickly beat in the yogurt and marmalade mix, and pour into the tin. Leave the mix mounded in the middle of the tin to allow it to rise and crack.

  3. Bake for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes until golden and well-risen. If after 45 minutes the cake has darkened quickly, loosely cover with baking paper.

  4. Meanwhile, gently heat the orange juice and 5 tbsp of the Classic Breakfast Thick Cut Marmalade in a small pan until it melts. Allow to cool, stirring regularly, creating a thick, but runny, glaze. When the cake is ready, cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then turn onto a rack. Spoon the topping over the cake while it’s just warm. The cake will keep for up to three days tightly wrapped.

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