Bring in the New Year with our magical cocktail recipes
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Bring in the New Year with our magical cocktail recipes

We reckon a tongue-tingling selection of exciting cocktail recipes are the most perfect way to help celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Better still, the recipes we’ve brought together are so amazingly second helping-ish, they’re all the excuse you need for hosting your very own New Year’s Eve cocktail party.

Each of the recipes here is nice and simple, takes just a few short minutes to create, and all are absolutely guaranteed to put the zing into bringing in the new year. 

Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

Looking for a yuletide twist on the classic espresso martini?

This sweet Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini is a little on the exotic side, with the addition of a chocolate orange twist that we just love.

Powered by its vodka and orange triple sec (or orange syrup), just shake it up, dust with cocoa and say wow!

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Here’s a New Year’s cocktail recipe so madly more-ish, your cocktail party guests will be coming back for more, and of course begging you for the recipe.

Our Cosmopolitan Cocktail uses cranberry sauce, making it ideal to be whipped up and enjoyed in the time after Christmas.

With that in mind, perhaps you ought to keep this cocktail to just a few select friends… or yourself and that someone special.

Lemon Snowball

Lemon Snowball

A couple of steps up from your standard snowball, this little number puts a refreshing spin on an old festive favourite with a lime juice injection. But the amazing secret ingredient is Our Classic Lemon Curd that turns it into a rich and creamy masterpiece.

Our Lemon Snowball is best served chilled, but we’d recommend enjoying it next to a cosy fire while snow is falling for the ultimate experience.

Strawberry Jamtini Cocktail

Better make plenty of this one, it’s that good! The base of our Strawberry Jamtini Cocktail is real strawberries from our Original Strawberry Whole Fruit Jam, then more chopped strawberry pieces, lovely hints of mint and vodka mixed in.

Feel free to swap in other spirits and jams – after all, it’s your party!

Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam Fizz Cocktail

If a spirit-free, fruity fizz New Year’s cocktail floats your party boat, join us aboard this delightfully floral Prosecco-based mix built around the sweet and tangy magic of Sweet Gooseberry Whole Fruit Jam.

With a refreshing hit of elderflower cordial, our Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam Fizz Cocktail should see you into a happy New Year without feeling too heavy.  

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Now you’re adequately armed with a treasure trove of cocktails to delight your guests (or just yourself) this new year, why not check out the rest of our recipes? They are carefully curated to bring out the best in our exquisite products and bring a new flavour sensation to your table.


The perfect additions to your New Year’s Eve

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