Triumphant Union Jack Trifle


Prep time
40 mins
Cooking time
4-6 hours chill time
Serves 8
1 jar Strawberry Jam
135g pack raspberry jelly
420g sponge swiss roll
4tbsp cranberry juice
500g strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
480ml custard
360ml whipped cream

Cooking Method

  1. Make your raspberry jelly in advance according to packet instructions. Pour it into a small rectangle or square baking tin, so it’s roughly 1 inch high. Leave it in the fridge to set.

  2. Chop your strawberries in half and then combine with raspberries and blueberries. Leave some fruit for decorating. Roughly chop your sponge swiss role cake into 2cm slices. And chop your jelly into 3cm squares.

  3. To assemble, line the bottom of a trifle bowl with half of your cake slices. Press slices half way up along the sides of the bowl. Drizzle cake slices with 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice.

  4. Add one third of the fresh fruit on top of cake, along with half of the jelly squares. Then, pour over half of the custard. Spoon over half of the jam evenly.

  5. Repeat with the remaining cake slices, drizzling over 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice again. Add one third of fresh fruit and all the remaining jelly squares.

  6. Pour over the leftover custard. Spoon over the rest of the jam. Scatter the remaining fruit over the top. Cover the top with plastic wrap and leave in the fridge for at least 4-6 hours or even better, overnight.

  7. When you’re ready to serve, add whipped cream on top alongside leftover fruit to create a decorative Union Jack pattern.

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