Meat-Free Black Bean Pitta Burger

Meat-Free Black Bean Pitta Burger
Meat-Free Black Bean Pitta Burger
Meat-Free Black Bean Pitta Burger
Meat-Free Black Bean Pitta Burger


Prep time
10 mins
Cooking time
10 mins
Serves 4
Meat-Free Black Bean Pitta Burger recipe with black bean burgers served in pitta pockets with delicious salad and burger sauce.
1 can black beans or kidney beans, drained and rinsed
2 medium cloves garlic, crushed
2 spring onions, ends trimmed and roughly chopped
50g rolled oats
1/2tsp chilli powder
1/2tsp smoked paprika
1tbsp light soy sauce or tamari
1tbsp red wine vinegar
1tsp maple syrup
1tbsp oil for cooking
Rocket lettuce
1 red pepper, sliced
4 pitta breads
To serve: Gourmet Burger Sauce

Cooking Method

  1. In a wide bowl, fully mash the black beans with a fork. Stir in the oats, garlic, spring onions, spices, soy sauce, vinegar and maple syrup. Set the mixture aside for 5 minutes so that the oats have a chance to absorb any excess moisture. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours for best results.

  2. When ready, divide the mixture into four equal burgers, squeezing together to keep their shapes.

  3. Heat a grilled pan over medium heat, add oil and then place burgers in. Cook until heated through, firm and browned on both sides, approximately 5 minutes on each side. Be careful when flipping to ensure they stay together.

  4. When cooked, serve each burger within a toasted pitta bread. Add sliced red pepper, rocket lettuce and lashings of Gourmet Burger Sauce.

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