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  • Glorious Gluten Free

    Did you know we have a whole range of Gluten Free products? From Chutneys, Dressings, Jams, Pâtés and more, simply look out for our Gluten Free icon -  If you’re allergic, or simply looking to cut it from your diet, you’ll find a whole range of Gluten Free products at Cottage Delight.

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  • Dipping Crackers & Salsa £3.50!

    Take a look at this cracking offer! When you buy our Dipping Crackers and Salsa for only £3.50 you save £1.50. They’re perfect for picnics and barbecues, or even for lazy days in front of the TV. Plus, they’ve been paired up into delicious duos, including Garlic Crackers with Smokey Barbecue Salsa, Hot Pepper Crackers with […]

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Dipping and salsa promotion

Salsa & Dipping Crackers Offer


Pick up a jar of Salsa and a bag of Dipping Crackers for only £3.50...


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Moroccan salad

Moroccan Salad


Add an aromatic twist using our magical Moroccan Spiced Dressing...



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beers and ciders

Beer & Cider Offer


5 of our favourite Beers and Ciders are now only £2.50 each until the end of July.. 


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