Raspberry Fizz Trifle

Raspberry Fizz Trifle

A classic dish for a celebration. Layers of sponge, generously covered with fruit and topped with custard and then cream... Simply delicious!


150g Madeira sponge cake

1/2 Jar Raspberry Fizz Jam

    175g raspberries

    350ml custard

    250ml whipping cream
    30g flaked almonds, toasted

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    • Cut the Madeira cake into 10 thin slices and sandwich together with the Raspberry Fizz Jam
    • Cut each piece in half again and place into a large glass bowl.
    • Gently heat the remaining Raspberry Fizz Jam in a sauce pan, until you have a runny consistency. Spoon over a layer of jam onto the sponge and then sprinkle with raspberries and pour over the custard.
    • Whip the cream until soft and spoon it over the custard. Sprinkle with flaked almonds and serve.

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