Korean Barbecue Beef Taco

Korean BBQ Tacos
Korean BBQ Tacos
Korean BBQ Tacos
Korean BBQ Tacos


Prep time
5 mins
Cooking time
20 mins
Serves 8
A relaxed, pick me up, easy beef taco recipe. Top with your favourite salsas, sides and lashings of Korean Barbecue Paste for a real kick!
500g mince meat
6tbsp Korean Barbecue Paste
8 taco shells
1 sliced red pepper (to serve)
Salad (to serve)

Cooking Method

  1. On the hob, cook through the mincemeat in a pan, approximately 10 minutes. Add Korean Barbecue Paste and stir through.

  2. Meanwhile, cook taco shells within oven as per box instructions.

  3. Serve mincemeat within cooked taco shell, top with sliced red pepper, salad and dollop with extra Korean Barbecue Paste for added flavour.

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