Caramelised Onion, Pancetta & Blue Cheese Burgers



Prep time
30 Minutes
Cooking time
15 Minutes
Serves 2
Add a rich deep flavour to your burger with our Caramelised Onion Chutney paired with a creamy blue cheese and pancetta sauce.
120ml double cream
150g blue cheese
6 slices of pancetta
Brioche buns
Beef Burgers
Caramelised Onion Chutney

Cooking Method

  1. Gently simmer 120ml of double cream and gradually add 150g of blue cheese, stirring continuously for 3-5 minutes until the sauce is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.

  2. Roughly chop 6 slices of pancetta into small pieces and stir into the cheese sauce.

  3. Top the base layer of a brioche bun with Caramelised Onion Chutney before placing a hot beef burger on top.

  4. Add a generous dollop of the pancetta cheese sauce mixture on top of the burger, close the bun and serve.

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