Spirit Of Aloha 6570cl

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Let’s ride!

Aloha 65 is like nothing else. It doesn’t fit neatly into boxes marked ‘gin’ or ‘vodka’. It’s an all-natural spirit infused with six fresh botanicals including pineapple, lemon, ginger, scotch-bonnet chillies and a couple of other carefully selected herbs and spices.

A delicious chilled shot, a refreshing long-drink or as the unique heart of a great cocktail, Aloha 65 is all natural, vegan, and lower in alcohol than many of the usual suspects. Original and mould-breaking, it’s an invitation to live life to the full.

Incredibly versatile with a huge variety of serves. There are no rules. Works brilliantly sipped over ice, as a chilled shot, as the heart of a new long-drink or cocktail or as a twist on a classic cocktail.

Versatile: Delicious served long, short, straight-up or in cocktails
New & Exciting: The perfect antidote to Gin-fatigue OR APEROL ANXIETY! For those looking for something different
Creative: Create new cocktails or add a spicy twist to the classics
All-Natural: No synthetic flavours or colouring
27% ABV: Light, refreshing, with only 0.7 units per 25ml serve
Balanced: Layered notes of tropical fruit & warming herbs & spices with an elegant, clean finish

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