Sweet Treats

Got a sweet tooth? Our blissful bakery and fabulous fudge collections boasts biscuits, wafers, and other fabulous fudge and flavours. There’s even a gluten free alternatives, making these sweet treats available to everyone!


Sweet Treats


Heavenly Hazelnut Celebration Cake

This scrumptious selection of sweet treats includes many products from our range as well as our iconic origin, our fabulous fudge. In 1974, Cottage Delight was founded in a kitchen in the Staffordshire Moorlands with an extra special recipe for some of the most fabulous fudge. Sweet treats aren’t all we do but they’re at our root, meaning you can trust us to deliver some of the best treats to your table.

In addition, our blissful bakery is stocked full of biscuits, wafers, fruit cake, and bakes that are hand baked in small batches for a perfect product that is full of flavour and personality. We even offer scrumptious gluten free options!