A Twist on Gin


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Temptingly tipsy treats

Two temptingly tipsy treats packed with juicy flavour for a brilliantly boozy breakfast or cheeky afternoon tea.

113g Gin, Orange & Lemon Thin Cut Marmalade
Toast the good times
Spanish oranges and lemons and a generous dash of London Dry Gin creates a rich, fruity and delightfully zingy flavour.
Spread over warm French toast or as an indulgent glaze for roast duck.

113g Lemon & Gin Curd
Just the tonic
We found that adding a generous dash of London gin to our classic creamy curd creates a deliciously cheeky twist.
Add sparkle to a sponge cake or spread over shortbread.

Gin, Orange & Lemon Thin Cut Marmalade INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Oranges (21.6%), Lemons (18.4%), Gin (3.8%), Acidity regulator: Citric acid, Concentrated lemon juice. Prepared with 40g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 61g per 100g.

Lemon & Gin Curd INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Whole EGG, Salted butter (from MILK), Lemons (11%), Gin (3%), Gelling agent: Fruit pectin.


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